Thursday, 29 October 2015

Does my child get enough nutrients ?

This is one of the usual thing every moms worry about.  And what if the kid says ‘no’ to almost all food…, the  situation gets even worse. Making food tasty sometimes compromises the health. Milk is one of the best relief to this problem.

Milk is the best resource of essential nutrients like calcium, protein, vitamin etc. The usual tantrums related to the taste of milk, now becomes a delusion. Milk products like Yogurt, Buttermilk, Ghee, Paneer etc. are very tasty. Researches show that one and a half ounces of hard cheese contains the same amount of calcium as in an eight ounce of milk. Yogurt is packed with probiotics, essential bacteria for a healthy body. Buttermilk is one of the best thirst quencher.

Milk can be included in a kid’s diet without they realize that, it is there. Give them a healthy breakfast with cereal and milk, cook oatmeal in milk, rather than in water, add flavors like chocolate or strawberry to milk. Just because a kid doesn’t like milk, doesn’t mean that he/she doesn’t like the taste of milk products.There are a few trustworthy milk units that provide pure, toxin free dairy products.

Fruits and vegetables are the major source of nutrients; most kids enjoy juices, shakes and salads. Invent some new recipes that your child likes. But one of the major problems is the chemicals that applied on these fruits and vegetables that we buy from the store. The best method is to start a small vegetable garden of your own. Let your kid take care of it. This gives solution to both issues, You get fresh fruits and vegetables and the second one is that kids generate an enthusiasm to taste what they grow. 

Let them enjoy tasty flavors and grow healthy...!
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